Walking in Cyberpunk 2077 (Patch 1.31) - Charter Hill [ 4K Ultra Graphics - Relaxing Ambience ]

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Walking in Charter Hill in Cyberpunk 2077 with 4K Ultra Max Graphics. Charter Hill is a relatively new and well maintained corporate district that is very popular among the upper class of Night City. Most aspiring mid-level corpos work from sunrise to sunset in Westbrook or City Center, to then party in Japantown after a day's work to sleep off their hangovers in one of the apartments in Charter Hill.

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00:00 Unnamed Bar
01:52 Walking Bridge on Grant Ave
04:25 Grant Ave
07:48 Pardey St
09:49 Woodland Blvd
16:52 Doha St
21:44 Wendt St
25:50 Unnamed Bar at Wendt St
32:09 Square in front of Rhindo Hotel
33:21 Unnamed Bar
35:07 Longshore St
37:35 East Bay
45:52 Longshore St
49:17 Almond St
50:15 Lele St
51:36 Grant St

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This channel is all about appreciation of environments, details, graphics and realism in video games. My aim is to deliver relaxing first person view videos where viewer have time to appreciate and enjoy all the details and effort the developers have put to the game. Capture the gameplay as realistic as possible, no chaos or messing around.

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