This Vertical Slab is in Vanilla Minecraft

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They removed vertical half slabs from Minecraft, so I'm gonna add them back! In this video, I push vanilla minecraft to it's limits to see if i can make real vertical slabs in Minecraft with no mods !!

Summon Vertical Slab inside of Item Frames (instead of above it like in the video):
/execute at @e[type=minecraft:item_frame,distance=..5] run summon minecraft:falling_block ~ ~ ~ {Time:-1000000,NoGravity:1,BlockState:{Name:"minecraft:stone"}}

Kill Item Frames:
/kill @e[type=minecraft:item_frame,distance=..5]

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Video: Mysticat / MysticatLive
Resource Pack: Vanilla Tweaks
Shaders: Sildur's Enhanced Default

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