The Cyberpunk 2077 "Minimum System Requirements" Gaming PC

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Can you play CD Projekt Red's latest open world adventure using the minimum system specs? Well today I've combined an Intel Core i5 3570k, GTX 780 and 8 gigabytes of ram to find out!

This is Cyberpunk 2077 running with the developer stated minimum system requirements.

Settings and test methodology used:
In today's tests I used a mixture of native 1080p, dynamic 1080p and a static scale reduction which took the game as low as 1152 x 648. The preset remained at low, though the texture quality was left on high (as per the preset) as I found this made no difference in performance, and it's no surprise considering the 3GB GTX 780 was hitting 100% usage a lot of the time anyway.

The gameplay was captured externally using another PC to avoid any performance loss that may have occurred when using internal solutions like Shadowplay.

The version of the game tested was the GOG version, as 100% of the proceeds go to the developers :)

Thanks for watching :)
Киберпункт 2077
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