The 16-Year-Old s1mple Clone Who Could Become CS:GO's Next GOAT

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Suffice it to say, part of what makes s1mple such a singularity is the fact that there’s only, well, 1 of him.

Some say he was born to play Counter-Strike, others that he just lives and breathes it. Whatever the source of his godhood may be, the overwhelming consensus is that he is, undoubtedly, a once-in-a-generation player. The kind who, quite simply, cannot be duplicated.

But what if I told you that s1mple not only could be cloned but, uh . . . already has been.

Today, I’m here to introduce you all to Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, a sixteen-year-old CS:GO prodigy from the CIS who’s spent the past two years turning FPL into his own personal playground.

Of course, what really stands out about our boy is the uncanny resemblance he bears to his game’s GOAT. He’s a blonde, Slavic wonderboy who plays for Na’Vi and not only bangs with every boomstick on the buy menu, but boasts gamesense and gunskill beyond his years.

This little tyke doesn’t just walk and talk like Sasha the Smasha, he frags like him, too.

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