TEXTURE PACK UPDATE! RTX!!! - Bedrock Survival: 187 [Minecraft | Single Player | Lets Play]

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I pulled out all my custom textures from the main pack to make it more of an add-on pack! I believe I have working version for RTX and not, so grab the download of whichever one works for your machine. This 'should' work for Windows 10 Bedrock, PS3/4/5, Xboxes, iphones and the probably.

Download found in my discord in the Channel #Bedrock-Downloads


Minecraft Bedrock Survival is my new Bedrock Survival Let's Play Minecraft! Join me as I learn how to play this version of the game in my Bedrock PE Mobile version of Minecraft in my Survival Let's Play and Let's Build.

The Idea behind this series will be a single player experience with somewhat limited cuts, shorter episodes, more building on camera and more personal stuff, while Realm of Vasten will continue to be more huge projects, more collabs and more lore based.

seed: -186212834005032334

#minecraft #LetsPlay #Bedrock

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