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• I am a professional player Nikita "lostdf" Babalykov in CS:GO, 13th of august there was a VAC wave that banned me accidentally. In last 6 years i've played more than 10k hours, a lot of tournaments with different anti-cheats, everytime i was playing fair and tried to be successful in this game, i've played in teams such as:
• Navi Junior -
• Espada -
• Vega Squadron -
• -

• My nickname is "LostDF":
• My hltv link -
• My steam -

• I am very popular in cis, i've worked in the same team with quarter finalish on Eleague Major 2018 waterfallz (),
with his teammate balblna () and coach iksou ()
I also worked with B1ad3 ()
and Ami () from NAVI.

• I have a lot of connections in cis and of community sure that i am innocent. Moreover, i am in association of professional players and coaches in cis, we will want to get justice and contact ESIC for getting publicity and community attention to this situation.

• My ban lasts for more than 160 days already and i decided to be more serious with this question because i am still getting a lot of offers from professional teams and also soon there will be quals for major from valve. I am Nikita "lostdf" Babalykov and i will collect money from livestreams on air ticket and visa application in city, where you office is. I am sure in my innocence and i want to prove that my every action is justified.
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