Minecraft Trades & SECRET UNDERGROUND FARM?! | Block Squad (Minecraft Animation)

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In this Minecraft animation, the Villagers are disappearing, but WHY?? Stan and Chick embark on an adventure to discover the truth, but along the way they spot PORKCHOP using a secret door to go They find his evil underground lab! What kind of eeevil work has this piggy been getting up to?!

Script: Annie Krueger
Stan - Jonah Rashid
Porkchop - Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & )
Chick - @Kyotosomo ()
Nitwit Villager - Nicole Mackie
Iron Golem, Armorer - Stephen Pena ()
Librarian 1, Weaponsmith - Richard Reed
Librarian 2 - Terrance Nicholson ()
Audio Mixing: Riley Buffington
Animation: Ovni Vaca Studios

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