Minecraft HARD MODE Survival with *HEROBRINE* Mod! Minecraft Modded Lets Play Episode 15

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In this episode we make it to the End city to grab the elytra and the dragon head, as well as some shulker shells! The elytra is going to help me a ton in avoiding Herobrine!

This is the series continuation of my "I Survived 100 Days In HARDCORE With * HEROBRINE *!" video that so many of you asked to see. If you haven't watched that video yet, here is the link:
In this minecraft mod, Herobrine is in a raging attack mode and can manipulate animals an villagers around him! The goals of this lets play are going to be: Defeat the ender dragon, Defeat the Wither, and of course DEFEAT HEROBRINE! Please let me know in the comments what you guys would want me to do in upcoming episodes, I want to involve you guys as much as possible!

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