Mechanicrafters "Castle Defenders" (Minecraft Create Mod 0.3.1 SMP Let's Play)

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Welcome to Mechanicrafters!

ToMaCreations (HANDSOAP & ih8tobs):
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Mod List:
• Create
• Optifine
• The Weirding Gadget
• Cosmetic Armor
• Extended Lights
• Fairy Lights
• Window Logging
• Xareos Minimap
• Xareos Worldmap
• Paint
• Apple Skin
• Decorative Blocks
• Farmers Delight
• Random patches
• Just enough items
• Just enough resources
• Just enough professions
• FTB backups
• Mouse tweaks
• The one probe
• Quark *
• Atmospheric
• Atumnity
• Bamboo blocks
• Enhanced Mushrooms
• Extra boats
• Swamp expansion
• Voyage
• Yungs better mineshafts
• Yungs better caves
• Dynmap
• Pane in the glass
• Create Plus
• Better End
* Some features are disabled to keep with continuity of the Create Mod

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- Harkay
- Big Borb
- Zomb Cakes
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- Jack Trent
- CPTN-River
- lujoBoy
- Lennell Pickett
- Silent Demon

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Mechanicrafters is a Minecraft create mod lets play series with a bunch of youtubers on a whitelisted Minecraft create mod lets play server. If you enjoy this Minecraft create mod lets play feel free to like and subscribe. This Minecraft create mod lets play has a custom modpack called mechanicrafters if you would like to download it the link is in the description. Mechanicrafters our Minecraft create mod lets play has a huge focus on the create mod and all of our aspects we can put into it. If you enjoy this mechanicrafters Minecraft create mod lets play feel free to drop a like, subscribe, or download the modpack.

Mechanicrafters is a Minecraft SMP that is made up of a bunch of create mod youtubers and streamers. This stream is the very first footage of us loading into the world and getting ready to play this create mod SMP. This create mod smp has begun with only 7 members, but will continue to grow over the next couple of months. If you have any tips about the create mod or other mods for Rockit14 feel free to send them inside of the chat!

The Minecraft Create Mod is a mod offering a variety of tools and blocks for Building, Decoration, and Aesthetic Automation. The added elements in the Create Mod of tech are designed to leave as many design choices to the player as possible, where item processing doesn't just happen in a single block.

All gameplay and let's play footage is captured by Rockit14. All gameplay and let's play footage is non-copyrightable. All music inside of the gameplay and let's play footage is from C418 a music producer that has made the music non-copyrightable for streamers, youtubers, or content creators to produce their own let's plays, gameplay, tutorials, smps, or other content.

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