Making Cyberpunk Goggles / Dap

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Making Cyberpunk Goggles and using Dap Weldwood contact cement.
That's right, more Cyberpunk inspired foam builds. There are so many cool things to build in the world of Night City.
So happy to announce my partnership with Dap Products. I find that it works just as well as Barge cement and it's not as expensive or hard to find.

Here is my build list of this video.

Cyberpunk Goggles

Paper hole punch

TNT Cosplay supplys

123 Blocks

Utility knife

Craft knife

Rotary Tool

Flex shaft

Stone bits

Sanding drum

Brass tubing

Glue pot

Dap Weldwood contact cement

Dap Weldwood tube

Wood burner

Heat gun

Prime finish

Black Plasti-dip

Cyber tech molds

Clear casting resin

Frog tape

Sliver spray paint

Rubber liquid latex

80 grit sandpaper

Double stick tape

Flat black spray paint

Center finder

White LEDs

Liquid flux

Solder wire

Solder iron

Lithium battery

Battery holder

Black acrylic paint

Chip brush

Denatured alcohol

Airbrush compressor

Tamiya black paint

Tamiya chrome sliver paint

Dap rapidfuse glue

Surebonder hot glue gun

1/2 inch Elastic stap

Model decals

If your new to cosplay, you should Join the Foam Fanatics.
A great friendly group of fellow makers that are there to help.
Be sure to answer the two questions before joining.

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