Infinite XP & $$$ EARLY after 1.20 update in Cyberpunk 2077, FARMING level 2 to 50 #cyberpunk2077

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Patch got rid of some great money glitches. We give you the secret to unlock unlimited money and XP from level 2 right after entering Night City AFTER update in April 2021. We show you how to unlock all of the night city map and travel by swimming to unlock the Japantown West fast travel. Then you can carjack a vehicle to Pacifica. Then, V can carjack an Militech armored car which can be used to run over three high level opponents that drop level 16 weapons and armor. The also give V a half a level of street cred with every kill of the three Undertaker animals crew. They are impossible for a low level character to kill otherwise. You can steal as many armored cars as you want. You can expect to make about $1000 eddies per run. They infinitely respawn.

A shout out to The Woke Gamer for showing me this XP exploit and infinite money farm. Check out his great video here:

Other money glitches that work after the update of Cyberpunk 2077 are a crafting glitch or exploit that takes about 20 perk points to work. Thus, its not for low-level player. The XP farming glitch with the arm cannon takes a lot of eddies to pay a ripperdoc for an arm cannon.

See "Get To The Max Level In Cyberpunk In No Time (Cyberpunk 2077 Fast XP)" by @JorRaptor at

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