How to make a HUGE PROFIT from RMR 2020 Sticker Capsules CS:GO

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I made this little video to help guide people into making profit by investing in the rmr 2020 sticker capsules. I opened a couple of cases and did a capsule opening midway through the video.

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i talk about why the rmr 2020 sticker capsules are a good investment opportunity and how gold and holo stickers are really the best part of this case. The price of gold stickers in general normally sky rocket not as much as a titan holo or ibuypower holo. especially when there are a new type of sticker available for the first time in major capsules: the gold team stickers. Astralis, Vitality, Navi and Tyloo seem to be the best teams to buy stickers from as the chinese market in csgo is huge and the others are all popular top 5 teams this year who's stickers will likely remain popular. I do a mini broken fang case opening and rmr sticker capsule opening and get a couple blues and a pink foil. this is a good csgo investment guide for 2020/2021

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