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yo, sorry for late update. had a very busy week. but here we go!
Point 1: "Play consistently"
- It's similar to going to the gym
- Playing 2 hours per day is better than playing 8 hours two times a week.
- This will keep your aim sharp, descision-making sharp and you're not in need of warmup as much as otherwise (even though warmup is always good)

Point 2: "Play with the same people"
- Playing with the same people will eventually allow you to focus on YOU as a player, since you'll be aware of your mates abilities, weaknesses and so on.
- You won't have to clean up the mess the players you find in soloq causes.
- Switching up and playing with others is good, but not every single day if you are aiming to improve faster.

Point 3: "Get your day in order"
- Make sure that when you play you can focus on only the game, so you don't have shit to do outside the game.
- Schedule up when to play, or atleast make sure you play around the same time every day
- Look at it as any other practice, prepare yourself, make sure to be alert and ready

Bonus point:
- There is nothing groundbreaking advice about this, it's about disciplin and commitment, if you want to be consistent and also improve consistently, you have to put in work and time. While also being aware that patience will get you to where you want, you won't become a starplayer overnight.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Play consistently
3:39 Play with the same people
6:36 Get your day in order
9:37 Bonus point, outro
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