[FREE] Hardwave / Cyberpunk / Experimental Type Beat 'RAT RACE' | Background Music

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FREE Instrumentals/Beats by Aim To Head.


???? Background Art: Sergii Golotovskiy

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To get the HQ mp3/wav/flac file hit us via e-mail at: aimtoheadmusic@

⚠️ How to use our music:
You are completely free to use this beat for any purpose [check the FAQ below], the only thing we ask you back is to link our YouTube channel.


- Can I use this beat in my YouTube videos and monetize?

✅ Yes! Just credit us.

- Can I use this beat outside YouTube for non-profit purposes?

✅ Yes! Just credit us.

- Can I record vocals over this beat or make a remix and post it on Spotify, AppleMusic etc?

❌ No, You CAN NOT!

- Can I re-upload this beat as a creation of mine?

❌ No, You CAN NOT!

If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail at aimtoheadmusic@

#CyberPunk #Hardwave #Downtempo

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