Far Cry 6: The Best Yet

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“The Best Far Cry Game Ever Made.”... That’s what I’ve been hoping I can say about this game for a year now. This is one of my favorite franchises that has so much potential but so often falls flat. Ever since Far Cry 3 I’ve loved these games but nothing has even come close to 3’s fantastically well written and performed villain, Vaas, or its cohesion within the game world. But with this game coming I knew there was a chance we could have an After all, Far Cry 6 is the hotly anticipated next entry in the long and storied franchise that has struggled with its identity for the last few entries. Once a grounded and gritty first person shooter, the series has fallen victim to the populist in tropes that have ruined so many intellectual properties before it. In recent years Far Cry has given up many of the realistic mechanics in pursuit of larger maps, more approachable gunplay, and repetitious gameplay structure. But Far Cry 6 is Ubisoft’s attempt at a return to form for the beloved franchise. They’ve focused on the writing, they’ve brought in A list talent in the form of Giancarlo Esposito, and an active effort has been made to give all the weapons a unique feel and style. But is it enough to make this game the best in the franchise or does it fall flat once again? Let’s get into it.

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0:00 - Intro
1:50 - The Story
21:17 - The Gameplay
35:59 - Technical Issues
42:19 - Conclusion & Rating

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