DLSS-U.P to 4K with Raytracing 60Hz Vsync in Cyberpunk 2077 All RTX Effects

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This RTX setting is known as RTX Psycho,..with DLSS Ultra Performance to improve FPS at the cost of resolution backing up the DLSS resampling.

If using less AA (Antialiasing) in other games does NOT bother you, then using the performance forms of DLSS may be of interest for FPS gains when struggling at Higher settings.
Some people don't mind the pixel crawl that as long as performance is there.

The most extreme DLSS profile, dedicated almost entirely to providing frames per second at the cost of internal resolution and output visuals. May very well result in soft, blurry graphics because the gap between internal render and the output resolution is so big. Unless specified, it could be 720p to 2160p, which is a gaping abyss to cover unless the AI is very good. This setting is great if you want the fastest possible framerate with DLSS and don’t mind making a visual fidelity compromise.

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Recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay 4K 90Mbps

PC Spec
i9 10850K 10Core 20Thread using 360mm Cooling
GSkill TridentZ 32GB (4x8GB) Samsung Bdie Overclocked to 4266Mhz CL16 Dual Channel/Dual Rank
MSI z490 Gaming Plus Motherboard
WD SN750 NVME Storage
RTX2080Ti OC on 240mm Liquid Cooling
Thermaltake 850w Power Supply
CM Cosmos S (Case from 2008)
Киберпункт 2077
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