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If it's Sunday, it's Defunct Games News! Join host Lorne Riseley as he looks at the week's biggest and craziest news stories from the video game industry and beyond. This week's news includes a mountain of much-needed fixes coming to Cyberpunk 2077, a REALLY expensive Pokemon card, a bunch of games based on the Suez Canal crisis and a pile of crap coming to Among Us. No, really! Lorne has a packed show in store for you, so make sure and tune into the newest episode of Defunct Games News!

0:00 - Introduction
0:42 - What Now Cyberpunk 2077?
10:21 - This Week at Defunct Games
15:35 - Pokemon Leads to Arrest
18:00 - Suez Canal: The Games
21:08 - Among Us is Crap!
22:44 - Sign Off

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