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Welcome to the Gamology channel Chase and Evan, experts in gaming, and what better introduction than getting them to react to one of the most ‘interesting’ games from the last 10 years: Cyberpunk 2077. After millions of dollars poured into the game, it’s easy to say that Cyberpunk wasn’t exactly what we were all expecting and it definitely has its high and low points. Today our experts are looking at all things glitchy, buggy, and Keanu Reeves so buckle up for a very fun and informative video!

The action role-playing video game, Cyberpunk 2077, is set in the near future. In Night City, an open world set in a cyberpunk universe, the action takes place. Assuming the first-person viewpoint of a customizable mercenary named V, players are able to acquire hacking and mechanical skills to go up against other mercenaries.
Chase Kolozsi

Evan Michael Lee
0:00 Intro
0:23 Hi Folks!
0:48 Gameplay
1:25 Just Popping In
3:06 Car Gameplay
4:40 Johnny Silverhand
5:04 Glitch Discussion
8:10 Cyber Ninja Boss Fight
9:45 The Crucifixion
10:49 Conclusion
Thanks to Dan Allen Gaming, Kevduit, The Gamer Eyes, and CaleoGaming for the gameplay:
Dan Allen Gaming:
The Gamer Eyes:
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