Cyberpunk Red RPG: All About Mooks & Grunts! (GM tips & Fast Mook Creation)

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Learn the best GM tips for Cyberpunk Red RPG when it comes to mooks, grunts, and goons and how to use them as both enemies and NPCs. I'll discuss how to expand the enemy selection and how to utilize cyberpunk lore to flesh out and add variety to player character encounters. Stick around for a streamlined version of the mook stats in the book and for a super-fast process for creating your own!

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Hardened Mooks:
Hardened LTs:

00:00 Intro
00:39 Tip #1 Lore
01:24 Tip #2 Character Creation
02:16 Tip #3 Animals? Robots?
03:01 Tip #4 Encounters
03:30 Tip #5 Hardened Groups
04:02 Tip #6 Best Tip
04:37 Streamline Book Stats
09:00 Create Mook from Scratch
11:44 Super Fast Mook Creation
12:29 Conclusion
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