Cyberpunk meme (piggy book 2 chapter 11)

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alrighttttt first of all SORRY for being inactive :| School started and everything mixed up i barely have time to upload im sorry,,,im more active on instagram btw!! @Anoood2000_
im very sorry for not uploading much ik you’ve been waiting a lot,,but ill try my best to stay active !! AND I KNOWWWWWW the meme is fast as hell like the movement and all that SORRERYYY i forced myself to finish it as fast as i could And im not very proud of it i have to admit it,,it sucks ???????? and also im learning how to animate on a pc to improve more bc flipaclip is a bit hard to animate on like the shaders and the movement, background,,thats why im thinking of moving to another application ,, thats what i have for todaayy and also follow my tiktok @anoood2000 ????
btw flaky plush is coming soooon ;)

????social media:
twitter: @anoood2000_ (dead there)

original meme: ZZEFF
inspired: WingedWolf94 , kitty channel afnan
song: Max Brhon - cyberpunk

have a nice day everyone !! take care ????????????????????????????????????
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