Cyberpunk Exploits And Glitches After Patch 1.2

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The big patch has been released and today that's what we'll be discussing and testing. We will be testing out some popular exploits as well as personal glitches that have been featured on this channel.

00:00 - INTRO
00:15 - Introduction & Patch Discussion
01:35 - The Drop Point Duplication Glitch
02:15 - The Katana Flying Glitch STILL WORKS!
03:00 - The Sliding Glitch
03:14 - Kerensikov Glitch
03:40 - Kill Any NPC Follower Glitch
04:13 - NCPD Outfit & Toy Gun Glitch
05:18 - Keep The Diving Suit From Pyramid Song Glitch
06:35 - Johnny Out of Bounds Glitches
08:25 - Remove Your Wanted Level Anywhere Glitch
09:00 - Saul as Follower & SandStorm Weather Glitch
09:50 - Jackie as A Follower (The Pickup Glitch)
14:04 - The Rescue Out of Bounds Glitch
14:42 - OUTRO

DISCLAIMER: This series is for entertainment purposes only.

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