Cyberpunk 2077, This Game Is SOOOOO Broken, UGHHHH!!

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Cyberpunk 2077, This Game Is SOOOOO Broken, UGHHHH!!

Welcome humanoids!

Thank you for joining me in this wild ship called. Also, not going to lie, i am a bundle of nerves; I KEEP to myself a little bit too much. This is my exposure therapy, and I want to share it with you fantastic humanoid; and hopefully, I can bring you what you need and looking for. I have already played like 12% of Cyberpunk, but my ps4 cooked it is, and i lost all my data period. That broke my S0oo0o0o0o care to join me for this second ride?

Disclaimer: yea, there will be cursing

SIDENOTE: I will not play linearly, as I like to explore and do everything but the main quest until I have to, need to, or do everything I could without progressing the storyline. I try to be as beast as possible when I face up against bosses; they never stood a chance. With that, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

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