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Adam Smasher is a full-borg Solo and rival of Morgan Blackhand. Smasher is employed by Arasaka and by 2077 he has risen to the position of head of security and the personal bodyguard Yorinobu.

Adam Smasher is a towering cyborg, with little humanity left to be seen - not that he ever had much to begin with. He is the rival of Morgan Blackhand and dealt the killing blow to Johnny Silverhand. Adam was given a choice by Arasaka after being reduced to mush by RPG blast - either pull the plug or become a full body cyborg. With little to no options and a lack of care for his human side, he agreed and became more machine than man. Adam has no empathy for people or even his fellow employees, but Arasaka kept him alive, so he lives to repay their kind deeds to him by killing the enemies of the corporation.
Adam Smasher was a fairly typical punk, a worthless New York mook who moved into the Army when they wiped out his gang. After several years in uniform, he was discharged for bad conduct and took up being a contract gun-boy in New York.

It was a good life for Adam: His lack of squeamishness and sadistic thoroughness brought in enough jobs to keep him in guns, gear, drugs, and brutal one-night stands. But he finally went on that one job where everything fell apart. A couple of rockets turned him into meatloaf. His buddies backpacked what was left of him out of the zone and back to the Big Apple. A mysterious corporate benefactor took note and made him the classic offer he couldn't refuse: corporate service in a metal body, or death. As if thoughts of lost humanity would bother Adam.

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