Cyberpunk 2077: DTG Competition (3 Prizes to win) FREE to enter

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Hey Folks. This video will detail everything you need to know for the upcoming DTG Cyberpunk 2077 competition.
As a thank you to all of you who have stuck around and subscribed to the channel I will be giving away 3 prizes. 1st , 2nd & 3rd prizes will be available.
These prizes are "The World Of Cyberpunk 2077" books. 3rd prize will be the standard hard back edition, 2nd prize will be the deluxe edition and 1st prize will be the limited exclusive edition from Forbidden planet.
How to Enter:

1. You need to be a subscriber to watch the Subscriber-only competition stream on 23 October 2021 at 2100 hours BST. (This is GMT +1)

2. Be ready to watch the subscriber-only competition live stream at 2100 hours British summer time (BST) ( IT WILL BE UNLISTED AFTER ) The competition will be open until midnight, so you will have 3 hours to find the correct answer. (THE STREAM WILL END BEFORE MIDNIGHT BUT THE COMPETITION WILL STILL BE OPEN UNTIL 0000) Emails after midnight will not be counted.

3. As soon as you join the live stream type the word "ENTER" into the COMMENTS section NOT the live chat. (this is to cross check later)

4. I will ask you all a question in the live stream and that question will also be presented on-screen for people who are hearing impaired or do not speak native English.

5. Find the answer to the question and then email the correct answer to DeconstructingTheGame@ ( BE 100% SURE IT'S RIGHT, DUPLICATE EMAILS WILL BE VOID AND YOU WILL FORFEIT THE COMPETITION )

6. The email you send should have "DTG Competition" as the subject line then simply answer the question followed by your YouTube username so I can verify this against the "ENTER" text in comments. I will also shout you out if you win in another video.

7. Once you send the email that's it. Provided you have the correct answer, your name will go into a draw and the first name drawn will get 1st prize, second name drawn will get 2nd prize and third name drawn will get 3rd prize.

8. If you win I will email you to request your shipping address. (Once your prize has shipped I will send a copy of the receipt with tracking number if available)

You must be a subscriber , The stream starts on 23 October 2021 at 2100 hours BST, You must type "ENTER" into the COMMENTS section of the live stream, You must find the correct answer and send the answer to DeconstructingTheGame@, Email subject line should be "DTG Competition" and the main text should be your answer followed by your YouTube username. No duplicate emails, No spamming, Emails after midnight will not be counted.


This competition is completely free to enter and you will not pay anything for the prizes or shipping cost. (Customs charges that are applied after shipping will need to be payed for by the winner if I am not presented with these charges when sending the item)

For data protection I will delete all emails sent and I will also delete shipping address information once it has been shipped. I will not share any information with anyone and all information sent will be deleted after the competition has been concluded.

This competition is NOT sponsored by anyone and the prizes have been personally purchased by me from

This competition is completely independent of YouTube.

If an item does not get delivered due to courier fault I will do what I can to receive reimbursement and purchase another prize for you (I will also have tracking information to prevent fraudulent claims)

If you win and do not reply to my shipping address request within 7 days your prize will be forfeit and I will select another name in the same way as before.

If a 1st prize winner does not claim the prize within 7 days. The 2nd prize winner will get 1st and the 3rd prize winner will get 2nd and a new name will be drawn for 3rd prize.

The prizes are still within original packaging and have never been opened, they remain in individual boxes for shipping.

I am not responsible for any damages that occur during transit with the courier.

In the event that no one gets the right answer I will do another live stream with a different question.

COVID 19: Prize items have been stored in a private household separated from people. No one within the household has ever contracted Covid 19. However please take all relevant and necessary precautions when handling any prize packages sent to you.

I wish you all luck. I'll catch you later !
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