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It looks like a bunch of Cyberpunk 2077 free DLCs are planned, and the names of these, as well as some of the upcoming expansions have surfaced via datamining.

Reddit user Saint-Pirate went into the game’s files and found references to “EP-1” with new quests from Mr. Hands back in April. Digging into the source code of the game, the miner found a list of DLC and two expansions with the name EP1 & EP2, and remembered their earlier find back in April. It looks like EP1 will see Pacifica expand and have a new Combat zone, new quests and locations too.

Another redditor pointed out that “WP” most likely stands for “weapon pack,” with the letters standing for:

S – smart
P – power
T – thermal or tech
B – blunt

Same as with every datamined content, treat all these with a bag of salt, as none have been confirmed by CD Projekt RED. That said, these datamined files are usually spot-on, so don’t be surprised to hear of the same stuff announced soon.

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