Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Xbox One S pt 139

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Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo playthrough

Still having fun in this game on an Xbox One S! Been doing random street crimes and missions and am starting to do more of the main quest. note: this series was recorded on the old patch

I am actually done playing this playthrough! I record my gameplay but do the editing and commentary at a later point. So these videos have my opinions of the game as a whole, which I think works out great as I go back over my adventures.

If you're curious about the way this works on Xbox One S, basically I had less than 10 crashes the whole game, but there is a lot of lag as well as frame rate issues. They aren't really that much worse than playing Fallout 4 with mods on the console, so I'm used to it. I do have other criticisms or complaints about the game but most of that stuff is present on all platforms like poor NPC behavior and how the world is kind of superficial. Anyway watch the series for more details!

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