Cyberpunk 2077 ASMR | A Whispered Look At The Official Strategy Guide

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Another of my ASMR Strategy Guide Walkthroughs, taking a look at
the very popular and hotly debated Cyberpunk 2077. It's a whisper and
page turning trip through Night City as we talk about characters,
the city itself, missions, thoughts about the game and more, so if you
liked the game or ASMR, check it out!


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00:00:00 Intro to the game and guide
00:01:07 Unwrapping and Opening the Guide
00:02:17 Introduction to Night City (and my overall thoughts on it)
00:03:30 The cast and main NPC's
00:06:31 Events Leading Up To The Current Game
00:07:32 Districts, Sub-Districts and Factions of Night City
00:18:10 Concepts within Night City (Braindances, Cyberware, etc.)
00:22:45 Primer (Game Functions, Onscreen Display, Etc.)
00:26:24 Character Progression
00:29:12 Complete Roadmap (Map Legend, Progression of Missions)
00:33:02 Main Jobs Within In the Game (Possible Spoilers!)
00:39:45 Stopping at Side Jobs and Outro


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