Cyberpunk 1.2 Update SUCKS and Fails

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Cyberpunk Update Fail. I show the efforts CD projekt red has done in this update that nerf a lot of the things that used to be available in CP. Why?
The game if played without mods was hard enough without nerfing your ability to craft components, to make money, to get legendary items for free in game, etc. And making the difficulty to buy items go up makes the game more of a grind and you cant get what you what till many many hours of game play grinding. WHY?
Update: After playing through on money comes through crafting and selling crafted items as the components can be bought for less than the crafted guns sell for its just a different way of grinding money. The real issue for me is the cyberdecks not being able to be purchased and having a street cred requirement that is insane. now i mod the game and add the cyberdecks i want without limitation. I also add perk points since they took away the double perk point from "learning" the free ones you find (total of 9 extra free perks no longer available).
So you can get legendary mantis blades at the ripper for $55K instead of $100K, need 45 Street Cred, so good luck getting them before 2/3 of your game is OVER because its not easy to get to 45 Street Cred without farming innocent souls over and over and does CD Projekt Red want me to be a psychopath? to get upgrades to take on the criminal elements in NC?
Why aren't these changes noted in the list of fix items?
I heard that system reset wouldn't be able to be used on cyberpsychos anymore, that wouldn't be the end of the world for me, but to not be able to get it from NIX after meeting him for the panam mission Ghost town, is a huge let down. I did find the mission to get the system reset from nix did appear when i went out again at level 26 so there is a minimum level requirement somehow.
In addition the stephenson and Biotek 6 or 7 buffer cyberdecks went from NO REQUIREMENTS to street cred 12, $15K, while Raven Mk4 went from requirements of 14 street cred to 40 street cred $35K, Yes thats right 40. So they didn't drop the price at ALL, yet upped the availablity to only be for those who farm XP made it harder to farm XP also. forget being a netrunner, thats not possible anymore.

Update: Also one can get a fair amount of money hacking terminals (as it was before) just not enough to purchase big items like double jump legs better cyberdecks, etc. because it costs alot and only by grinding missions, selling clothing, hacking terminals and crafting and selling weapons can you get more $. I have $300K at level 30 on the update play.

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