Caves & Cliffs Update Split! ▫ Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w15a

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The Minecraft Team has announced major changes for the Caves & Cliffs Update, and Snapshot 21w15a, the latest Java Edition snapshot for Caves & Cliffs.

Read the announcement post here, and watch the embedded video from Agnes and Henrik:

The update will now be split into two parts. The Summer release will add blocks and mobs - such as Copper, Amethyst, Lush Cave blocks, Axolotls, and Goats. The Holiday release will focus on the technical changes to the world height and caves, cave biome generation, and any associated features like the Warden. Archaeology has been deferred to a future update where it can be developed into a deeper system.

Snapshot 21w15a has been released, reflecting the changes that will arrive in the summer update; caves no longer generate below Y=0 by default, and cave and ore generation still works on rules. The new caves can be re-enabled using a datapack, but worlds using this pack may not be accessible in future snapshots.

There's plenty more to these updates, and you can find the full changelog here:


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