ASMR Fixing You ???? Cyberpunk Robot Repair [Cinematic Roleplay]

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0:00 Intro
0:10 Searching for humans
1:20 Fixing your color settings
3:58 Connecting your broken wires
11:12 Fixing your vocal recognition settings
18:20 Blink for me
19:11 Resetting your password
20:51 Checking your movement
21:18 Telling you all my secrets
24:10 Putting you in hibernate mode

Huge shout out to the following creators for making awesome royalty free/creative commons content. This video couldn’t have happened without these amazing folks who make great art for other creative people to build upon.

Staircase scene: "The staircase of the Japanese pub:居酒屋の階段" () by kazugoru is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ().
Wooden platform: "Wood Platform Stair System - Flat 0" () by MR7 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ().
CGI machine transition:
Sounds Effects:


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