Another Game Unfortunately Leaks Early And Is Sony Teasing A Big Return? | News Wave

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We have been seeing several games leak out ahead of E3, but a recent game leak shows Ubisoft creating a multiplayer PVP game using franchises like Splinter Cell unfortunately giving us an idea as to where Ubisoft is placing the Splinter Cell franchise going forward. Yesterday Insomniac posted a bunch of messages online showing some familiar characters crossing over with Ratchet and Clank, but could this end up being more than just a marketing campaign?

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00:34 - Final Fantasy iOS Games Renamed

1:57 - Sports Story Gets A Quick Update

3:18 - CD Projekt Red Compiled A Bug Compilation Video

4:36 - Ubisoft Game Leaks

8:55 - Sunset Overdrive Teased

12:02 - Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Remake Update

14:39 - Disney Plus Going To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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